MD-SC 05


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ARTIST IS MANOJ DWIVEDI. "ASHTITWAHEEN", Manoj Dwivedi is a masterful contemporary artist and sculptor. His use of skill and technique is equalled with the conceptual form of his creations. This work seems like an abstract form of a female body laying on its stomach, the deep crevices running through her torso. The arch of the back is a smooth glide, the finish of the wooden sculpture almost perfect to touch and visually behold. The perfect surface is dented with the deep fissures that are rather unsettling. The eye struggles to dissolve the form of the body that emerges at the first gaze to avoid an interaction with the broken body. The gaps and missing forms bring to mind the social and private lives of contemporary women in today’s society. The hollowness at the core peaks at us blankly, the cracks revealing nothing within. The smoothness of the surface increasingly fades away as the gaze maneuvers through the empty spaces, imagining the predicament of the artist when he was making this work.

Style : Sculpture

Size : 26 X 9 X 6


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