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GOND ART. ARTIST IS RAJENDRA SHYAM (RAJU). FLYING ELEPHANT. The Elephant-Wings In earlier times, elephants used to fly. They had great wings. One day an elephant flew down to a lake and went inside the lake to drink water. There was a crocodile in the lake and when it heard the elephant splashing around, it wondered who this great creature is? The crocodile swam through the water and caught the elephant by its leg. The elephant tried to fly away but could not because the crocodile had dragged it into deep waters. The elephant and the crocodile struggled together for twelve years and thirteen ages until one day, the elephant called on Bada Dev (The Almighty) for help. Bada Dev came and saw that the crocodile had torn the wings of the elephant, and that the great creature was worn out and ready to die. Bada Dev pulled the elephant’s nose which became very long and is known as the trunk of the elephant. Next, he took it by the ears and they became very broad. Next, he cut off what was left of the wings, as the elephants were always coming down from the sky and crashing on houses and cowsheds, thereby ruining them. In the end, Bada Dev said, “From now onwards, elephants will not fly but will walk the earth.”

Style : Sculpture

Size : 42" X 36"


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