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GOND PAINTING. ARTIST IS VENKAT RAMAN SINGH SHYAM. Nature and Harmony: This composition of Venkat Raman Singh Shyam is unique on many levels. The contemporary Gond artist known for his innovative style while keeping true to the traditional art practice, has yet again made a work that captures the essence of the contemporary gond art movement. Both the theme and technique imbibe the title of the artwork - nature and harmony. The theme is self evident. The technique employs traditional gondi tropes which harmoniously merge with Shyamís contemporary style. At the base of the magnificent tree are two ponds. One is brimming with fish and a pair of tortoise while the other has a fish, snake and a reptilian animal swimming in the clear waters. Interestingly the rendition of the leaves is unique, reminiscence of the present day bougainvillea.

Style : Gond art

Size : 47 X 71


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