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This vibrant work is by the renowned Madhubani artist Manisha Jha. She presents a microcosm of the natural, human and spiritual worlds as one harmonious work of art. Equated with the tree of life, a flourishing jackfruit tree is one of the central figures here, its branches and roots encompassing realms of different species. Nests of several birds adorn the branches while the roots show human villages and towns, along with waterbodies that are teeming with marine life. The artist combines the divine with the bovine in the figure of the ox that has the head of a goddess. Highly intricate and ornamental, this painting is the epitome of Manisha Jha’s artistic technique. She creates her own niche within the age-old form of Madhubani art to produce works that are a blend of the traditional and contemporary.

Style : Madhubani art

Size : 73 X 73


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