Naga 05/19-20


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Vintage woolen men’s shawl woven by anonymous woman weaver on the back-strap loom in Nagaland. The shawl features a dramatic colour palette of black and red with a hint of blue which is contrasted sharply by the white of the cowrie shells. The cowrie shells were acquired as part of trade exchanges and have been filed and cut to be embroidered. This shawl is remarkable because it has a ceremonial pendant attached made from dyed dog/ horse hair which is a status marker of a rich and important man. This ceremonial shawl is from the Chang tribe and is possibly over 70 years old. This shawl was a ceremonial shawl worn only by a person who had been successful at head-hunting and had offered feasts of merit. Konyak Woman’s body cloth made of undyed yarn with dramatic patterning in blood red and black. Very minimalist design. Woven on the backstrap loom and comprising of panels stitched together. This piece is made by an anonymous weaver.

Size : 81" x 48"

Medium : Woven Fabric

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